The Studios

Kefalonia has been a famous Greek destination since the 70’s. People from all over the world choose this wonderful Ionian island for its lovely beaches, breathtaking views and the unique combination of mountain and sea that is rarely found anywhere else around the world! Kefalonians are well known for their hospitality and lively spirit and value good company, tasty food, great wine and singing cantadas much more than any other type of entertainment.

Studios Dimitris is a family owned business, run with these exact Kefalonian principles. We think of our guests as old friends from the past and we try to provide all our attention and care as we would do to our actual friends. We are located in Karavomylos village, just a couple of kilometers outside Sami Port in Kefalonia. Karavomylos is a lovely village combining sea and mountain, in an ambient that is so quiet and calm it will make you feel really comfortable. It is ideal for people who want to rest and feel like home. The fresh morning sea breeze and the calm sounds of the waves is the best way to wake up and start a wonderful day on your long awaited vacations!

All the scents here are wonderful. Take a walk in our garden, enjoy a cold drink and read your book without distractions, in a calm environment that will help you relax and enjoy every minute of your stay. And if you need any information on where to go and what to see, Dimitris (the younger member of the family) will be happy to assist you! So check out our services, learn a bit more about Kefalonia, take a look at the photos with details from the inside of our rooms and feel free to contact us for any enquiry.

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