Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian Islands and the 5th in size within all Greek islands. It has approx. 32.000 inhabitants in its 365 villages plus another 7.000 residents of Ithaka, the sister island of Kefalonia.

The capital of the island, Argostoli, has 10.000 residents and is an active commercial and touristic area. Other big cities and villages of the island are Lixouri (2nd biggest), Sami and Poros (ports), Fiskardo, etc. Kefalonians are very lively people, with a long history in arts and culture. It’s not rare to hear people singing “cantades” in the middle of the street with guitars and accordions. Local cuisine and wines are not to be missed: Meat pie with four different types of meat and rice, Robola wine and other local specialties will leave you with a pleasant feeling (and a full stomach!).

The island is full of lovely beaches with sand or pebbles and snorkeling is a must. But Kefalonia has something for mountain lovers as well: Ainos, the tallest mountain of the Ionian Islands (1628m), full of rare species of flora (some 600 different types of plants are found nowhere else in the world), has been named a Biogenetic Reserve, a National Park, and is one of the 151 areas of Protected Bird Fauna in Greece by the European Union. The biggest part of the mountain is covered by the black fir-tree (found only here and in Lebanon) whose needles are actually dark green (hence the name “Mavro Vouno” – Black Mountain).

Kefalonia is one of the few places in the world that combines sea and mountain views in such short distances between them. You can find lots of ancient monasteries and a lpethora of geological phenomena with Lake-Cave Melissani being one not to miss.

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